Kitchen Lead times. How long does it take?

To answer this question simply, The process takes on average three to four months, from initial survey to installation and sign off. 

But Why? 

There is a lot of work and planning involved in a kitchen refurbishment. Planning that we pride ourselves on delivering to the highest standard. So we don’t like to rush it. We want to make sure your journey with us is as smooth and problem free as possible. We like to follow the six P’s…….

Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance!

To read about our process in detail look at our blog on our design and installation process


We are happy to say we are very busy and we have a team of highly skilled tradesman who are also incredibly busy. Therefore when your kitchen is ordered there are many moving parts and schedules that need to be brought together in perfect unison to deliver your dream kitchen with the highest level of efficiency. We plan our calendars very carefully and making sure everyone is available at the same time means looking several months into the future. 

You might find shorter lead times times with other companies. Especially the big high street names. But our service is totally different to there’s. Their model is built around volume and speed. That’s why they have huge departments dedicated to complaints. Because they know they are coming.Our model is different. Because we are a local brand, we plan our business around giving every customer the best experience possible. Complaints would hurt our business so we do everything in our power to not get any. We make sure every customer gets the time care they deserve to make their new kitchen everything they dreamed it would be.

Let’s get your journey started by clicking the link below to book your home survey. We look forward to meeting you. 

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Written by 

Steve McCaul (November 2023)





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